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Representatives of Russia, France and …

February 06, 2023 NewsMaster

Meeting of the representatives of the Russian Federation, Germany and France for the…

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Hollande and Merkel left the Kremlin a…

February 07, 2023 NewsMaster

Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel left the Kremlin and went to the airport…

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The French foreign Minister sees no re…

February 12, 2023 NewsMaster

The French foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that taking into account the results…

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In SF want to invite the United Nations to establish a Tribunal for the murders in Ukraine

The Federation Council Committee on international Affairs will consider the possibility of going to the…


Zyuganov has proposed to form in the Russian Federation the government of the peoples trust

The CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov in favour of government of the people's trust in Russia…


Skater Kolenikov became world champion in the sprint triathlon

Russian skater Paul Kolenikov won the title of world champion in the sprint triathlon at…


Russia and India discussed the second phase of construction of NPP Kudankulam

Russia and India on Thursday in Mumbai held talks on cooperation in the field of…


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