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3 assumptions about the horrific explosion in Lebanon

There are three assumptions about the cause of the explosion, such as the 3.3 magnitude earthquake in Lebanon’s capital Beirut, which left at least 78 dead, 4,000 injured and many missing, including 10 fireman. The US president said that it was an attack.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said on television that “those responsible will pay for what happened”, that the incident cannot pass without anyone being held responsible. 

According to the Lebanese state news agency NNA, the explosion stemmed from the fire of the warehouse fire near the port.

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However, later, the leader of the Lebanese security bureau said that the explosion was caused by “explosive ordnance confiscated many years ago”, but he did not provide details.

The Lebanese Prime Minister announced the investigation of the explosion and the investigation would include “the revelation of a dangerous warehouse that has been present since 2014”. But he did not provide further details.

Local authorities believe that large amounts of ammonium nitrate seized on a ship in 2013 or 2014 could be the cause of the deadly explosion, CNN reported.

The explosion occurred during a time of tension in Lebanon. This Friday, a UN-backed council will rule on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005. This could cause partisan tensions in Lebanon.

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The country is also in economic danger, its unemployment rate has skyrocketed, the poverty rate has exceeded 50%.

The tremor of the explosion after 6 pm was felt as far as Cyprus hundreds of kilometers from Lebanon. One of the major hotels in Beirut, the Dieu Hotel, received about 400 injured, an employee told CNN.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at least one Australian was killed in the blast and the Australian Embassy building was severely damaged. Kataeb’s party secretary general, Nazar Najarian, died after being injured in the blast, NNA reported on Aug. 5. He was in the office when the explosion occurred.

Hezbollah forces say that the blast forced all Lebanese people to unite to overcome the disaster.

US President Donald Trump offers condolences and offers to support the people of Lebanon. He considered the explosion a “terrible attack”.

Asked if he was confident it was an attack, President Trump said that “it seems”, based on what US military officials told him. “A bomb-like form,” he said.

Israel offers medical aid to Lebanon. This is a remarkable move because Israel still considers Lebanon an enemy nation. The two countries have not had diplomatic relations since the signing of a ceasefire in 1949.

France, England, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Spain, Jordan … offered to help Lebanon. French President Emmanuel Macron said the “rescue and relief team” was on its way to Lebanon.

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