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4 historical works in Europe have been attacked by the fire devil like Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

These are places with a long history, even meaningful to people all over the world like the largest castle in human history. Yet,they all suffered from the “Fire of God” disaster.

The world is still not shocked after the event of the Notre Dame Cathedral (Nostre Dame) on fire on April 15. The iconic French building with a history of over 850 years of age has suffered heavy damage, when more than two-thirds of the tower’s top and roofs have collapsed.

The fire does not cause human damage, but physical and mental injuries are extremely massive. Regardless of the priceless church products stored, the historical value of this building is enough to make the Parisian shed tears.

But perhaps few people know that in European history there have been a number of works with great historical stature also swallowed up by the “fire demon”. They are large enough to bring wounds to indigenous communities and Europeans in general.

1. Sea of ​​fire at Windsor Castle 1992

Windsor Castle is the largest castle in the world, and one of Berkshire’s oldest British properties, built in the early 11th century. It is also a favorite residence Queen Elizabeth II over the weekend for years.


But perhaps the British people still have not forgotten the disaster that occurred on November 20, 1992, making the castle worth the long history of sinking into the sea of ​​fire.

The fire broke out at 11am at Queen Victoria’s private chapel. A light had accidentally caused the curtains next to the altar to ignite, then quickly spread to the side hall after only a few minutes, and made 115 rooms flooded in flames.


The fire was so great that the whole northeast of the castle was destroyed. One must mobilize up to 225 firefighters from 7 different districts to assist, using 36 water cannons and pumping up to 5 million liters of water.

Before the accident, Windsor Castle stored great historical treasures: from the finest French furniture of the 18th century, to the works of famous artists like Van Dyck, Rubens, Gainsborough … But fortunately only 2 works were lost after the disaster.

2. The fire at York Minster 1984

In the early morning of July 9, 1984, York City people panicked when they witnessed York Minster - the oldest church in the world on ire.

The fire happened in the south of the church, burned down the roof, walls, famous buildings … and caused damage of up to 2.25 million pounds at the exchange rate at that time. It took more than 2 hours with 100 firefighters to control the wrath of the fire demon.

3. Great fire in the old town of London 1666

This is one of London’s most horrific fires. The fire broke out on September 2, 2022 from Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane next to London Bridge. That year, London suffered an unusually hot and dry wave, the whole city did not have a rain drop for weeks. This enabled the fire to spread quickly without any quenching.


It took 5 days for the fire to be controlled. But before that, it had baked more than 13,000 houses, nearly 90 churches, 6 chapels and 4 prisons.

4. Fire in Rome in 64

This is the name of a terrible fire that happened under Emperor Nero in 64. According to historical records, this is one of the most terrible fires, burning to two-thirds of Rome at that time.

The fire originated in the south of the noble hill of Palatine Hill, which was referred to as the slum of Rome. People then lived in wooden houses close to each other, making the fire a disaster very quickly.

After 5 days, the fire was controlled, then flared again for 4 more days. Hundreds of people died, thousands of people lost their homes, 3/14 counties were completely destroyed. A disaster is too hard to overcome at that time

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