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8 European giants fight for the International Championship Cup

With the participation of 8 leading European clubs, the International Champions Cup (ICC) Cup of the second season will take place from July 26 to August 4.

The forerunner of the ICC was the World Football Challenge (2009 - 2012) and only took place in the United States. This friendly tournament is the occasion for European clubs to come to the States to train and compete in preparation for the new season.

Only bootable but ICC is dubbed “miniature Champions League”. The teams that participated in the last year’s tournament all launched the strongest squad and the tournament was devoted to the enthusiastic cheers of the fans.

8 ‘dai gia’ chau Au quyet dau gianh Cup vo dich quoc te hinh anh 1

ICC 2014 took place from July 26 to August 4, with the participation of the most prestigious teams in Europe including Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma, Olympiacos and defending champions. Real Madrid Champions League. These 8 teams will be divided into two groups A and B, playing a round-robin round to determine the top two finalists. The championship Cup match will take place at Sun Life(Miami, Florida) on August 4.

The competition at World Football Challenge in previous years as well as ICC 2013 is quite special and controversial. The teams win two points. If the match is completed after 90 minutes, the two teams will take a penalty shootout of 11 m. The team that won a point and the losing team has no points. However, at this year’s ICC, organizers decided to change the format to make matches more attractive.

8 ‘dai gia’ chau Au quyet dau gianh Cup vo dich quoc te hinh anh 2

The group stage will take place across the United States including Phoenix, Denver, Washington D.C, Charlotte, New York, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago. Only one match between Olympiacos and AC Milan takes place in Toronto (Canada) on 24/7. Real Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan are the 3 teams in this tournament both in 2013 and this year. In which the Spanish Royal team were the defending champions when they beat Chelsea 3-1 in the finals last year.

According to statistics from last season, an average of 41,000 spectators came to the stadium every match. Particularly the final of Real Madrid - Chelsea attracted 67,000 fans to the stadium in Miami. In addition, ICC 2013 was broadcast in 140 countries with 110 million viewers.

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