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An exciting new idea to save the NBA season has emerged

While the United States is tumbling over COVID-19, tournament organizers are still struggling with plans to restart the NBA as soon as possible.

“Adam Silver will not rush back to the NBA, but he will ensure that the NBA basketball will reappear at all costs.” This is a share of a source close to NBA officials shared by CNBC with home viewers.

While the United States is tumbling over COVID-19, tournament organizers are still struggling with plans to restart the NBA as soon as possible.

One of the more difficult problems is the venue because when the games are reorganized, the audience may not be able to go to the field. This means that the home-away factor will no longer matter. So what if the rest of the season, including the Playoffs, takes place in one place?

The answer will probably be Las Vegas. Along with that is a mini-tournament that will determine the Playoffs for competing teams in the event that the Regular Season must be shortened.

The idea of ​​organizing a knockout round for the teams in the lower bracket of the Playoffs area is being discussed quite a lot and attracted the attention of fans. The NBA will probably pick a certain number of teams and have them compete against each other in a knockout format, similar to the March Madness model at NCAA.

After that, the Playoffs round will start. If the NBA is forced to shorten this postseason, they can play round 1 or even round 2 (regional semi-finals) with just 5 games instead of 7 as before. The finals of the two regions and NBA Finals will take place in the traditional best-of-7 format.

Another idea being discussed is for Playoffs to play knockout in the first place. Only the NBA Finals series can compete in a series of 5 or 7 matches. However, this idea is not supported as the above plan.

In terms of venues, the whole can be held in Las Vegas, where the NBA often hosts the Summer League and is also more suited to television work.

The story revolves around a small tournament held intermingled with the Regular Season that has been talked about for months. This is considered a way to increase the amount of interaction because the NBA is gradually losing fans on television platforms.

While the COVID-19 epidemic was raging, the tournament was postponed and faced with the possibility of shortening, and it was time for Adam Silver and the NBA executive board to test the new organization.

Having shared their support for the minor tournaments, Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum said:

Speaking to CNBC, a NBA spokesman said the tournament was considering many options. However, they have not been able to make a decision soon because each of the options is being scrutinized.

In addition, no one knows how long the postponement period will last, which makes it more difficult for NBA officials to take the next move.

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