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ARMZ will develop innovative projects on efficient mining of uranium

The mining division of the state Corporation “Rosatom” holding “Atomredmetzoloto” as part of its innovative development program intends to implement projects to improve the efficiency of extraction of natural uranium, said Tuesday the press service of ARMZ.

Holding summed up the results of implementation in 2011-2014 its programme of innovative development ARMZ up to 2020. During this period, was implemented 14 projects. The total cost was $ 96.4 million rubles. While the payback period of the projects is 1-3,5 years, and the economic effect exceeds the money spent 2.4 times.

“We pay special attention to the development of innovative technologies. We not only improve our manufacturing base, but in unfavorable market economy work to reduce the cost of production. The global goal of improving the efficiency of production of natural uranium,” said program Director of innovation and technological development ARMZ Igor Solodov, whose words are quoted in the press release of the holding.

Analysis of research and development (R & d) mining division of Rosatom during the reporting period received the approval of the Corporation and was recommended as an example for all companies in the sector, the report says.

Innovation to Transbaikalia

Most research and development work focused on reducing production costs the largest uranium mining enterprises of the Russian nuclear industry-Transbaikalian Priargunsky industrial mining and chemical Union (PIMCU).

One of the most important projects is the completion of uranium reserves in the pit of Joulukuu” geotechnological low-cost methods. The project includes a wide range of technologies aimed at processing Beloborodova and off-balance sheet raw materials. Running ore pretreatment complex.

“All this allows to extend the resource base of the enterprise, to reduce the cost of the end product and to begin work on the restoration of the earth’s surface and career Joulukuu”. The economic effect of the implementation of the project is expected to exceed 100 million rubles”, – said in a statement.

To date PIMCU almost halved the cost of manganese dioxide is the reagent used for the hydrometallurgical plant of the enterprise. Significant savings have been achieved as a result of implementing R & d progress technology campaign of the opening of uranium ores”.

Completed research work in the framework of the project on creation of geodynamic polygon (GFC) Streltsovsky ore field PIMCU. Geodynamic polygon – layered complex of scientific – methodological and technical means of monitoring, forecasting and warnings of geodynamic processes in the area of field development Streltsovsky ore field.

System geodynamic polygon is aimed at ensuring and improving the safety of underground mining at mines PIMCU. The main components of the system, the GFC is already running in pilot operation.

“Uranium” IT – technologies

Has greatly increased the efficiency of enterprises ARMZ JSC Dalur JSC Khiagda, leading to the production method of underground leaching, the report says.

In the Dalut successfully implemented a system that allows the use of information technology to recreate the three-dimensional model of ore deposits. With its help it was possible to improve the accuracy of calculation of reserves and the quality of the design of operational units. In the past year, the combination of computer technology began to be used in Higginson field.

Significantly improve the quality of uranium promises another pilot project was tested on the Dalut”. Innovative drying system of the final product – yellowcake-can reduce its moisture content from 40% to 2%, which corresponds to the international quality standard.

Among the main contractors ARMZ – profile Institute of the Russian nuclear industry Vnipipromtechnologii, specializing in the design in the field of mining and processing of uranium, a Leading research Institute of chemical technology (VNIIHT) and Seversk technological Institute of the National research nuclear University MEPhI.

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