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Arsenal is about to sell the defender better than Maguire

Arsenal have a defender who has better defensive skills than MU’s Harry Maguire, but they want to sell him as soon as possible.

After David Luiz’s entry, the Gunners defense of London was cramped with six midfielders. The two main center-backs are default Sokratis and David Luiz, the rest will have to accept the reserve or leave to find a place in the starting lineup.

Not yet playing for a minute this season, Shkodran Mustafi understands that he is no longer the preferred choice of Unai Emery coach and is looking for a new path. Arsenal’s management also showed that they had no intention of retaining the German player. However, should the Gunners think again, knowing that last season’s statistics show Mustafi is better than the world’s most expensive defender - Harry Maguire?


Both players played 31 matches in the Premier League last season, throughout these matches their teams conceded 40 goals. It is fitting to compare the contribution of both for the defense front.

Mustafi’s intercept is 58 while Maguire’s is only 37; Mustafi has 63 times to block the ball and Maguire has only 31; Mustafi successfully switches the ball 45 times while Maguire does 17 times, and of course Mustafi’s successful ball-rolling rate is higher (73% vs. 55%). Mustafi’s number of victories and successful number of air strikes is also better than Maguire. This comparison is not intended to lower Harry Maguire’s ability, but it shows that Mustafi is also a quality defender.


But the fate of the two central defenders is completely different. Maguire has just arrived in MU as the most expensive defender in history, loved by his teammates and fans. As for Mustafi, he was sold. Currently Roma are the team with the opportunity to own the 2014 World Cup champion with a 1-year loan contract with a buy-out clause next summer, priced at £23 million. Shkodran Mustafi is believed to quickly integrate into the Serie A environment because he was once named in the Sampdoria shirt.

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