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MU need 3 big contracts to compete with Liverpool in the next season

MU need to make 3 major contracts this summer to compete for the Premier League title with Liverpool next season. MU are in good shape when their new signings this season have been quite successful, from Bruno Fernandes, Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Daniel James to Odion Ighalo. However, the current force can only help MU…

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An exciting new idea to save the NBA season has emerged

While the United States is tumbling over COVID-19, tournament organizers are still struggling with plans to restart the NBA as soon as possible. “Adam Silver will not rush back to the NBA, but he will ensure that the NBA basketball will reappear at all costs.” This is a share of a source close to NBA officials…

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Michael Jordan created a billion-dollar empire with Nike for his mother

The rivalry between Adidas and Nike has never stopped, for Michael Jordan, he has also stood between two difficult choices. The deal between Nike and Michael Jordan in 1984 helped the legend earn a fortune of up to $ 1.4 billion, which is considered a huge contract to make Jordan become One of the largest…

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Will the Covid-19 pandemic be controlled by the end of April?

A leading Chinese respiratory disease expert predicts that the Covid-19 pandemic could be controlled by the end of this month, but it is uncertain whether a second outbreak will occur. “With every country taking drastic and effective measures, I believe that a pandemic can be controlled. My estimate is at the end of April”,  a…

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One-third of coronavirus infections in China have no symptoms

According to newly released data from China, 43,000 people in China have tested positive for Covid-19 without any symptoms. According to the South China Morning Post, the number of asymptomatic Covid-19 infections could account for up to a third of all infections, according to Chinese statistics. If this figure is accurate, it could complicate efforts…

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A Scottish rugby player positive for Covid-19

The match for the Six Nations Women’s Rugby League between Scotland and France was postponed after a Scottish athlete tested positive for Covid-19. According to AFP, the match was planned to take place in Glasgow (Scotland) on March 7. This decision had made as a result of a Scottish athlete testing positive for Covid-19 that…

The Chinese economy is estimated to lose USD 196 billion

According to the latest news, the Chinese economy is estimated to lose USD 196 billion because of the spread of the Corona virus. The Chinese economy is estimated to lose USD 196 billion in 2 months due to the epidemic. The outbreak of COVID-19 caused by the new strain of Corona virus could cost China…

Overview of the US presidential election launch

The Democratic Party did not determine a winner from the first primary election, while President Donald Trump far surpassed Republican rivals. Iowa’s Democratic Party on Tuesday officially announced the result of the state’s primary election to select candidates to join the US presidential election on November 3, according to Reuters. Specifically, former Mayor of South…

A nightmare is waiting for M.U in the FA Cup

According to the Daily Mail, M.U will not be easy to win and even, Tranmere Rovers can be a big surprise. Firstly, bad conditions on the Tranenton Rovers club Prenton Park will hinder many of M.U’s playing styles. Next, Tranmere Rovers Club is also a team with a tradition of killing giants, having eliminated the…

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Ibrahimovic hinted that AC Milan would return

The 2-0 win on Cagliari’s field last night not only helped AC Milan and striker Ibrahimovic to win 3 valuable points but also brought a lot of optimism to the future. AC Milan more or less learned the Juventus 4-0 victory over Cagliari in the round last week. What they learned was the determination to…

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