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Biggest Tobacco Firm Advice Smokers to Switch to Vaping

Smokers are encouraged by the biggest company in the world to trade their cigarettes in for vaping. It is all part of a multi-million-pound campaign called “Hold my Light”. Aimed at the 7.4 million smokers in the United Kingdom, the £2 million campaign hopes to convince those who smoke to go smoke-free with the assistance of their family and friends.

Stop Smoking for 28 Days

According to research by Public Health England, smokers who agree to give up smoking for 28 days could be free from the habit for life, since once they can get through the first 28 days, they are five times more likely to quit completely. The aim of the campaign is to encourage all smokers to give up their smoking habit for a minimum of one month.

Switch from Cigarettes to Vaping

The initiative is that of the makers of Marlboro. The campaign was launched by Phillip Morris Limited as part of a new strategy to switch as many smokers from cigarettes over to the company’s vaping products. According to research by Public Health England, vaping is much safer than cigarettes, by about 95%. Nixon from Philip Morris Limited says that new grounds are broken by the campaign, it is an important step for the company that is aiming to go smoke-free and that will also stop selling cigarettes eventually.

Cigarette Smoking A Habit in Decline

According to the UK Cancer Research in the 1950s around 40% females and just over 60% of all males smoked, while this percentage declined constantly a sharp decrease was visible in the 1990s and by 2010 less than 13% of females were smokers and only 17% of males continued the habit. Today there are several options available to smokers ready to give up cigarette smoking, which includes e-cigarettes.

It is the first time in history that such an initiative is launched by a major tobacco company, the smoke-free campaign is aimed at all UK smokers and aims to convince all to give up cigarettes. The company is building its future exclusively on smoke-free products, and e-cigarettes have been sold since 2007 in the United Kingdom.

Smoking Causes 46,000 Cancer Deaths A Year

There is no arguing with the fact that smoking caused 28,000 deaths from reparatory disease and 46,000 deaths from cancer in the UK, while a further 20,000 can be linked to cardiovascular disease. After review by the Royal College of Physicians, there is evidence that the promotion of e-cigarettes can be a possible way to substitute for cigarette smoking and that smokers willing to switch have a much bigger chance of living a more healthy life for longer. It now depends on persuading 7.4 million UK smokers, and maybe other smokers from around the world will follow the new healthier vaping trend.