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Browser Guardian: Putin outlined the importance of the global rules of the game

Speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai”was probably the most stringent in recent years, he identified the need to agree on a global level about the rules of the game, and this idea will be taken very many, perhaps, except the United States, said journalist and writer, member of the editorial Board and columnist of the Guardian Seumas Milne.

“Valdai” speech Putin’s criticism of the West as a way to dialogue,”He outlined in his speech quite clear choice: either produces a new set of global rules and thus (all) try to agree on a global level, or we will all wargame in anarchy, there will be new conflicts around the world. And he stressed that this is not necessarily a conflict of great players, and some indirect conflicts. This, in my opinion, the most important thing in his speech,” said Milne, modelirovanie discussion with participation of the President.

According to the journalist, Putin used strong expressions. “I think it was probably the most hard his speech for a long time,” he said.

In this case, said Milne, Putin, “as he often does, was expressed in two ways”. “On the one hand, he condemned the American interventionism, its destructive impact, and stressed that Russia does not consider US a threat, unlike Americans, who speak about Russia,” said Milne.

“Here, under the “Valdai”, presents a wide range of views. And many were even offended by the statements in the United States, and many, obviously not. But most, I am sure, perceive and correctly evaluated statements about the global threats that were identified by Putin. His words will be heard by many in the world. >

Key statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the meeting of the Valdai club - online-broadcast RIA Novosti >>

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