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Build Up to Hurricane Michael Strongest to Hit Florida

Hurricane Michael is extremely dangerous and is expected, as category 4 to continue to strengthen and be the strongest to hit the Florida panhandle. Michael is on its way, and when it hits Florida, experts expect it will do so with devastating reaching 130 mph. The National Hurricane Centre describes hurricane Michael as the strongest yet to hit Florida and if it retains the same strength by the time it reaches the Florida coastline, it would be the strongest ever recorded says weather.com.

The National Weather Service has released several warning regarding the disaster that could be left behind for weeks or even months once hurricane Michael hits the Florida panhandle. Tweets on Twitter by the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott warned every one of the approaching hurricane and urged people to take their last chance to prepare for the deadly monstrous storm. The state of Florida is not taking the storm lightly and urged families to take it seriously. Senator Bill Nelson also warned that the wall of water will cause major damage and destruction to all the areas along the panhandle, while he added that people should not think that they could ride this hurricane out if they situated in low-lying areas, during his interview on CNN.

In Escambia residents who selected to ride out the storms was bluntly advised by David Morgan the County Sheriff that rescuers would be unable to reach them once the hurricane hits. Those deciding to remain in their houses are in great danger as trees could fall or the storm surge could put them in dire situations. Considering the strength of the storm, it would be impossible to answer calls for help as rescuers would not be able to rush to the scene. Ken Graham the director of the National Hurricane Centre continued to urge people to leave, his warning included that the time to leave was running out, and earlier today the time to flee was over and those still in their homes where urged to remain indoors as travelling across the panhandle became far too dangerous.

School in Florida Panhandle remain closed by State Officials

While state offices and schools remained closed for the week, several warning have gone out the thousands to evacuate their homes should they live along the coast of Florida. Panama City resident, Jason MacDonald was leaving his home with his two young children and his wife and reported that he had no certainty whether his house would be wiped out by hurricane Michael but he wanted to rush his family to safety, other residents were removed to the neighbouring county Leon by vans. The National Weather Service warned that over 300 miles of coastline where under threat and it is estimated that thirteen people have already been killed by the massive storm.

During the mandatory evacuations, aid was offered by 1,250 National Guard soldiers while another 4,000 were on standby, sandbags were filled frantically by residents to try secure boats and shops as it became clear that the storm would be far worse than expected. The only assistance the rest of the world can offer is to pray for Florida.