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An exciting new idea to save the NBA season has emergedOne-third of coronavirus infections in China have no symptomsA Scottish rugby player positive for Covid-19The Chinese economy is estimated to lose USD 196 billionOverview of the US presidential election launchA nightmare is waiting for M.U in the FA Cup

The Chinese economy is estimated to lose USD 196 billion

According to the latest news, the Chinese economy is estimated to lose USD 196 billion because of the spread of the Corona virus. The Chinese economy is estimated to lose USD 196 billion in 2 months due to the epidemic. The outbreak of COVID-19 caused by the new strain of Corona virus could cost China…

China claims to respond if the US tries to escalate its tension

One day after the US president left open the possibility of imposing a new tax on Chinese goods, Beijing would declare it hard to respond if the US tried to escalate trade tension. A year ago, on June 12, 2016, after a lot of effort, goodwill, and turbulence, the first summit meeting between US President…

Kentucky Bourbon Exceeds Highest Level in 50 Years

The production of Kentucky bourbon reached its highest level in almost, 50 years when distillers surpassed 1.7 million barrels, it was only surpassed in 1968, and some say it is the trade tariffs of Trump that is responsible for a headache suffered by the whiskey industry. Give Trump a Taste of Kentucky Bourbon Reports released…

US Annual Wage Growth Highest in Nine-Years

If anyone wondered if President Trump could guide the US towards greatness the US wage that just hit a nine-year high should be the answer. In the construction sector alone another 23,000 workers were hired last month. With the annual wage growth hitting a nine-year high in the economy of the US job creation was…


“Gazprom Mezhregiongaz” demanded JSC “TGC-2″ until may 1 to pay off arrears for gas, which at the beginning of March amounted to 4.4 billion rubles, according to the generating company. In TGC-2 is called the demand unrealistic. “In fact, the gas supplier requires akreditovanniy company operating in addition in the context of growing debts to…