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The future of Japan after Mr. Abe resigns (Part 2)The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on workers around the worldThe future of Japan after Mr. Abe resigns (Part 1)Mr. Trump declared shock about the explosion like an atomic bomb in LebanonDecode the power of the huge explosion in LebanonTwo World Ironman awards were canceled because of the epidemic

The future of Japan after Mr. Abe resigns (Part 2)

So far it is not clear who will become the next prime minister. Mr. Shinzo Abe affirmed that he had no opinion on this issue and fully respected the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) decision. Based on a survey conducted by Kyodo News last week, The Japan Times reported that the brightest candidate is former…

The future of Japan after Mr. Abe resigns (Part 1)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s replacement will face many difficulties when both domestic and international situations appear unpredictable. In a press conference on August 28, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe officially announced his resignation due to deteriorating health. Specifically, he said he had been diagnosed with chronic ulcerative colitis and a number of other diseases, so…

Overview of the US presidential election launch

The Democratic Party did not determine a winner from the first primary election, while President Donald Trump far surpassed Republican rivals. Iowa’s Democratic Party on Tuesday officially announced the result of the state’s primary election to select candidates to join the US presidential election on November 3, according to Reuters. Specifically, former Mayor of South…

US-China tensions will explode for Taiwan?

Many former US officials have warned of a stressful 2019 year in relations with the Taiwan Strait as the US Congress increasingly shows its opposition to China and supports closer relations with Taiwan, SCMP reported. Among those former officials were Susan Thornton, a former US top diplomat on East Asian issues. Thornton is concerned that…

Japan invited representatives of 195 countries to attend the new coronation event

At the banquet there will be a traditional Japanese cultural performance, staged by Nomura Mansai, the leading Japanese traditional drama artist. On March 19, the Japanese Government announced it would send an invitation to representatives from 195 countries to attend the event of Crown Prince Naruhito coronation, after his father whose name is Emperor Akihito…

The elite Gurkha once defended the Trump-Kim conference in Singapore

The first summit in Singapore in June 2018 between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim was secured by the well-known and highly skilled Gurkha soldiers. Although both US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un bring strong guards to the summit in Singapore in 2018, the host country still applies maximum security measures,…