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Copa America 2019: Argentina defeated Chile in the day Messi received the red card directly

In a day playing against the competition, Argentina deserves the 3rd place Copa America even though Lionel Messi must receive a red card directly.

Arranging a lot of changes compared to the semi-finals, notably Dybala’s appearance replaced Lautaro Martinez, Argentina unexpectedly played in the first minute.

Competing against the opponent, and it doesn’t take long for Argentina to have the score. In the minute 12nd, Messi passed the mischievous ball to put Aguero in a position to face Arias. Just a quick run is enough for the star playing for Man City to cross the goalkeeper before hitting the empty net, opening the score.


With goals, Argentina continued to push the opponent with a high tempo. Messi and Dybala find the link and confidence to Juventus star. After 22 minutes, receiving the ball from Lo Celso, Dybala sped up the ball before firing a sensitive ball to defeat Arias, doubling the lead.

For most of the first half, Argentina was the team that dominated the game, but a situation they couldn’t expect to take place in the final minutes of the game. In the 37th minute, Messi and Medel made a fierce touch, and that made the referee give both red cards directly.


Entering the second half, Argentina’s attack power was reduced to the lack of a top star, while Chile started showing signs of an upside. In the 59th minute, Chile enjoyed a penalty and Vidal did not miss the chance to shorten the score to 1-2.

Over 30 minutes left, the two teams offer a breathtaking and dramatic game. Argentina still has many good opportunities to eat and Chile, despite its efforts, cannot do anything more.


Copa America 2019 will be the 3rd consecutive time, Argentina and Chile clash in the final match of each team. Unlike two times before they met in the final, this time Argentina and Chile will have to fight to select the team to win 3rd place Copa America.

For Argentina, the defeat to Brazil is, after all, worthy of them, even though Messi and his teammates did not play badly in the semi-finals. During the tournament this year, Albiceleste did not show his great stature in the area, and before a regular and pragmatic opponent like Brazil, they were unable to make a surprise.


For Chile, the 0-3 defeat to Peru in the semifinals is really a great pain for the defending champions. During the three matches that were played in the knock-out round, Alexis Sanchez and his teammates could not score any goals during the official match, and the result of losing to Peru was worth them.

Because of that poor performance, Argentina and Chile suddenly met in the third match, a pair of over-debt. Twice the most recent meeting, Chile won and brought pain to Argentina. If defeating the opponent in this match, Argentina, although unable to fill the pain twice before, somehow managed to regain some of their honor.

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