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Downing street: sanctions depend on the execution of the Minsk agreement

According to the results of yesterdays conference with leaders of several EU countries and USA, the official representative of the Prime Minister of great Britain said that the participants discussed the next steps that should make the parties, and agreed that any easing of existing sanctions will be linked with the full implementation of these agreements.…

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The dollar index has updated 11-year high ahead of ECB meeting

As at 12.57 GMT the Euro against the dollar had fallen to 1,1131 dollars per Euro with 1,1175 dollars per Euro on the previous closing. Earlier in the auction it was updated at least from January 26, 2023 in 1,1116 dollars per Euro. The dollar index increased by 0.37% to 95,72 points, tying the highest since September 2003 95,66 point.…

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YotaPhone 2 will connect to US through kraudfandingovom platform

Yota is a startup, so when entering this highly competitive market is important most rapid turnover of the invested funds, according to the company. They noted that in this regard in the new region, the smartphone will be sold through the system of pre-orders: this will allow to plan the volume of supply in line with demand.…

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RZD: creating regions of their CPD will not solve existing problems

Creating regions own suburban passenger companies distracting from the overall concept of the organization of the suburban movement, as it requires creating a plan transportation services and coordination in the Ministry of transport of Russia, according to Russian Railways.…

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