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Latvian MEP Sandra Kalniete denied entry into Russia for anti-Russian activities as part of its response to the European actions against officials in Russia, said in comments to the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich.

Russian foreign Ministry: the arrival Kalniete can be evaluated only as a provocation,”Yes, indeed, Sandra Kalniete denied entry into the Russian Federation for its anti-Russian activities as part of its response to the actions of the European Union in respect of a number of Russian officials,” said Lukashevich.

Kalniete, which went to Moscow to take part in the funeral of the Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, was not allowed on the territory of Russia. She announced this in his microblog on Twitter. Latvian foreign Minister expressed his bewilderment in connection with this decision. The Russian Embassy in Latvia called the attempt by a member to enter the Russian Federation “provocative PR campaign”, because the Latvian side was specifically stated” that the MEP included in the lists of persons who are denied entry to the territory of the Russian Federation in response to the expansion of the “black lists” of the EU towards the Russian Parliament.