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Russia is ready to develop cooperation with Guatemala, including in the sphere of investment, said the Director of the Latin American Department of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Alexander Schetinin on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Guatemala and Russia.

“Guatemala – our good, reliable partner in Central America, which in recent years created a good base of bilateral relations. First of all, the agreement on principles of cooperation and the agreement on investment protection. This allows us to develop cooperation in trade-economic, investment, scientific, humanitarian and other fields,” said Schetinin.The Ambassador of Guatemala: Lavrov will discuss the assignment of the Russian Federation observer status SICA

He noted that the development of contacts depends on the willingness of the parties to cooperate. “Russia certainly ready for it. In Guatemala there is an interesting investment project for the production of Nickel. Russian investments, private, are among the largest in the economy of Guatemala from one partner. Considering plans to expand cooperation, investments can be a second in Central America after the construction of the Panama canal,” he said, stressing that Russia and Guatemala also successfully developed and cultural-humanitarian relations.

Schetinin recalled that one of the tasks of Russia in Latin America is to create a “zone of mutual visa-free travel”. “We are very much in advanced. Now in Latin America 13 countries, almost all the leading countries that have visa-free regime, and we continue on this theme to work. Some countries have introduced this regime unilaterally, thus, with few exceptions, the mutual visits are carried out without visas,” the diplomat said.

He noted that there is a good base and opportunities, and everything depends on those who are committed to the development of bilateral relations. I think there’s a desire on both sides,” said the diplomat.

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