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Kosachev: in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan is an important partner of Russia

On the waterfront Baku. Archive photo

In the Caucasus region Azerbaijan is the most important trade and economic and political partner for Russia, told reporters on Thursday the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

He added that the Republic of South Caucasus is important for Russia, each in their own way. “Russia is interested in life in the region was stable and peaceful,” said the politician.

The Senator expressed his gratitude to the government of Azerbaijan for a very cautious attitude to the Russian language and to our compatriots living in the Republic. According to him, the humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan entails and interregional relations, and major projects at state level. “Of course, Baku has and other partners, the palette of choice for him is much wider than for Armenia or Georgia, but I don’t see any insurmountable obstacles to Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation evolved as safely and positively, as hitherto,” said Kosachev.Abashidze: concern about Russian membership of Georgia in NATO exaggerated

Among the areas of cooperation with Azerbaijan, the MP noted especially the energy sector, where Russia and Azerbaijan can act as partners, not competitors. There are many other projects and in industry, and in the sphere of agricultural production, as well as cooperation in research and innovation, where we have with this country very much experience,” said Kosachev.

Armenia is a country partner

If Azerbaijan, according to the head of the Federation Council Committee, is the most important partner of Russia, Armenia he called the nearest partner. “We are together not only in the CIS, the CSTO, and now in the Eurasian economic Union,” said Kosachev. “Such integration projects with our country have very broad support in the Armenian society, these processes are not merely the result of choices that make leaders, but also of the attitudes that exist among people,” says the MP. He stressed that in the other direction, in spite of this sentiment, works very much in our geopolitical rivals in Armenia.Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan: we trust each other, despite sanctions

Kosachev said that about 350 non-governmental organizations campaigning against the Eurasian integration and convergence between the EU and Armenia in the framework of “Eastern partnership”. “We do not believe that their work is correct, because in principle not believe the correct question is “either-or”: either you are with us or you are with them. This position is already ruined or nearly ruined Ukraine and can destroy any other country, if the question will be persistently and in a forehead”, - said the head of the Committee.

The Senator expressed hope that Armenia will be able to avoid testing a similar choice. “I hope that we, Russia and Armenia, will maintain a relationship of Alliance and friendship in the years and centuries to come, as it was in the past.”

Prospects of relations with Georgia

Assessment of the Senator, and Georgia, seeing the development of Russia’s relations with Azerbaijan and Armenia, begins to understand that misses its benefits and opportunities, fenced off from the Russian Federation. “The sooner the Georgian leaders again will reverse face to Russia, will find the courage to properly assess those mistakes, and sometimes crimes that were committed by the previous leaders of Georgia, the faster we will return to normal relations between our countries and peoples. And Russia, I’m sure ready for this”, - he stressed.

Kosachev said that Russia as a country neighbour for all these people interested in the Caucasus, the situation is normalized, so that all issues were resolved not by force, through pressure and threats, as a result of reaching a political agreement. “These agreements can be really different, the main thing is that they were equally comfortable and convenient for those who arrangement produces. This is the only principle which can be as a guide for the future,” concluded Senator.

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