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Maldives a Paradise That Is Now The Biggest Exporter in the World of Isil Foot Soldiers

Many wonder how paradise one of the most popular havens for tourist is now one if not the biggest exporter of Isil soldiers. The big question is what happens to this amazing holiday resort and is it safe to visit it. Arriving at the Maldives are one reception not many forgets, greeted by the bluest crystalline wagers, golden sands and astonishing coral reefs confirms you are on your dream holiday. Resort staff with smiling faces awaits your arrival and scattered petals lead holidaymakers towards massage areas.

It’s a destination where no effort is too great. It is not cheap to holiday in the Maldives, although millions are prepared to pay the price, last year more than 1.3 million tourists visited the Maldives. Even though some had to pay around £4,000 a night, more than 100,000 British tourists had the privilege to enjoy paradise. On the island, Maldivians are banned from alcohol, although what is in fashion are burkas, what is compulsory is being Muslim and what is punishable is infidelity. It is completely different in the resorts where bikinis are tiny, and hundreds of cocktails are mixed, not out of the ordinary for a honeymoon hotspot.

Two Nations

The Maldives are home to two nations and with the new president to be sworn in, he would face a host of problems, this includes squabbling security forces and a corrupt judiciary. Yet it is Islamism that still poses the biggest question, and President-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s ragtag coalition is held together by is pro-Islam agenda, which also includes the Islamist Adhaalath Party. Solih faces the return of Maldivian fighters returning home from Syria, which was nothing like the heaven they expected. Democratic triumph now brings tension, and no one knows or can predict just how explosive the results could turn out to be.

Young Men Fled Maldives

Young men have for a long period now fled to fight elsewhere, according to the Maldives security, Maldivians wishing to escape often grab the Isil offers, others work in luxury holiday resorts. Yet few lines up to greet visitors, most visitors are served by Sri Lankans, while the gardens are attended to by Bangladeshis, and the security consists of Nepalis, most holiday-makers never interact with again with a Maldivian once they through border control.

It is quite a nightmare for any country depending on tourism, and roving gunmen are hardly what you expect while sunbathing on the Maldives beaches. The government continues to argue that it is well-prepared for any resort attacks. Shopkeepers fear that the economy is about to collapse, which will be a tragedy for all Maldivians and the tourists dreaming of visiting the paradise. Many still argue that it is a domestic battle, between the Maldivians, yet no one argues that it will have a massive effect on the millions of tourists.