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Many Families Affected by Constitutional Changes by the Romanian Orthodox Church

In Romania, the one man, one women definition could change soon according to the recent articles placed by BBC News. This weekend the Romanians are deciding regarding married men and women, the two-day vote suggesting changes to the constitution might hugely affect the protection of the traditional family status.

Many opposed to the chance have warned that it would come to the expensed of single parents, children and same-sex couples, while there are also accusations that the entire exercise is just a sideshow to distract from the corruption of the ruling party leaders.

What happens if the Pole Result end in a Yes Vote

In Romania, civil unions and gay marriages are not recognised, and this referendum won’t change that, as a matter of fact, it is more about clarifying the language of the constituting. Should the results end up being in favour the change would apply to a marriage between a woman and a man, article 48 states that a family is founded in a freely consented marriage of spouses.

Homosexuality was Decriminalised in Romania in 2001

The president of the pro-referendum Coalition of Family, Mihai Gheorghiu says that the aim is to protect the constitutional level as well as the definition of marriage between a one man and one woman. While the definition is enshrined in the civil code, his team aims to add another level of protection and former minister, Gheorghiu is adamant that it would not affect same-sex couples. He feels according to the rights of the LGBT there is absolutely no change since Romanian decriminalised homosexuality back in 2001.

Katrin Hugendubel feels the vote is a battle for the minds and hearts of the International bisexuals, Gay, Lesbian, Intersex and Trans Association. Romania remains one of the countries with the lowest acceptance rate when it comes to the rights of the LGBTI and with no protection legally for partnerships, the marriage of same-sex couples and the huge rate of transphobic and homophobic hate.

Romanians Support in Favour of the Change

Mr Gheorghiu made sure his proposal had the necessary support since his coalition already collected more than three million signatures from the population now just under 19 million. With more than 85% of Romanians considering themselves orthodox Christians, the campaign is also backed by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

There are many Romanians that believe the upcoming referendum was only created to instantly divert the attention of the country from the scandals and corruption, a believe further boosted via Professor Dennis Deletant from the University of Georgetown. Thousands of Romanian citizens are in protest of the recent political moves and have taken to the streets since they see it as actions to weaken the anti-corruption powers. While the vote is taking place the weekend, the PSD leader Dragnea appeals on Monday the over three-year jail sentence he received for fake jobs, which is why critics see too much coincidence in the voter referendum and his court appearance.