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Medvedev will hold in Voronezh meeting on the development of chemical industry

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev. Archive photo

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will hold in Voronezh meeting on the development of the industry will be discussed stable operation of the chemical and petrochemical complex.

Medvedev: you will need a year or two to adapt to the new realities of economicrecovery will take place in the Voronezh tire plant is a joint venture of state Corporation rostec and a leader of the global tire market Pirelli.

The meeting will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister for the real economy, Arkady Dvorkovich, the Federal Ministers of industry Denis Manturov, economic development Alexey Ulyukaev, Finance Anton Siluanov, construction Mikhail Men, natural resources Sergey Donskoy, transport Maxim Sokolov and energy Alexander Novak, the presidential Plenipotentiary in the Central Federal district Alexander Beglov and Voronezh Governor Alexei Gordeev, as well as heads of enterprises and associations of the chemical and petrochemical industry and managers of banks.

Support industry in crisis

Anti-crisis plan of the government for 2015-2016 includes, including basic measures to support industry. As noted earlier, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov, they are sufficient for the first time, and further can be taken for more industry-specific solutions.

The list of companies that can provide crisis podziekowanie proposed to include in the list of strategic 190 Russian companies with aggregate revenues of approximately 40 trillion rubles (56.9% of Russia’s GDP). The participants of the first meeting of the crisis Committee under the leadership of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov decided that Russian enterprises are not included in the list of system will also be able to get state support.

The list included companies with number of employees not less than 4 thousand people, with annual revenues in 2013 of at least 10 billion rubles, and tax deductions for the last three years not less than 5 billion rubles. As reported by Manturov, this list includes 92 of the company, which is supervised by the Ministry. He stressed that the problem of systemically important companies will be addressed in manual mode, and the government will not allow their bankruptcy.

In support of the automotive industry adopted a recycling program cars for 10 billion rubles. In addition, the government can return to the question of the renewal of preferential car loan after reducing the rate of the Central Bank.

For suffering from sanctions, instability of the national currency and reduce airfreight aviation industry, the government reduced the VAT rate on domestic flights up to 10%. In addition, the authorities plan to support airlines through subsidizing interest rates for lease payments and through increased subsidies for regional air services.

Import substitution in industry

The program of import substitution in industry should be adopted before April 1, and now the Ministry is developing a list of priority and critical products and services, we need to increase our domestic production.

Novak: the Russian Federation to 2017 will refuse to import large capacity polimerbetonov at a meeting in late January said that the import substitution in industry already effectively. According to the Prime Minister, the products of Russian companies due to the reduction rate became something more competitive on the domestic and especially foreign market. He encouraged the use of it as much as possible and to maintain the effect of import substitution, which is already noticeable in some sectors, such as coal, steel and pipes.

The Prime Minister called for the support of the real sector, to maintain the momentum for its development and to improve the production of goods that were previously imported from abroad, including Ukraine. He also drew attention to the need to reduce the participation of foreign companies in public procurement, if these goods are ready to provide Russian companies.

The head of government noted that will continue the credit and guarantee programs to support the industrial sector, including through interest rate subsidies, simplified procedure of granting state guarantees to support the export and export control procedures.

According to him, the government can and should support those who are engaged in production, making the most of available financial resources. One such mechanism he called the recapitalization of banks with state participation, so that they can lend to projects for industry and agriculture.

Russian Khimprom

The production index of chemical industry products in 2014 amounted in Russia 101,9%, including chemical production - 100,1%, and in the production of rubber and plastic products is 107.5%. Chemical complex enterprises shipped products by 2.68 trillion rubles in current prices, which is above the 2013 level of 9.0%.

A turnover of foreign trade in products of chemical industry, according to preliminary data, decreased in 2014 relative to 2013 by 5.6%.

“Nizhnekamskneftekhim” on the third of the increased net profit up 9 billion subnebula the share of imports of the Russian chemical industry is dominated by China with 18% (plastics and articles thereof, synthetic resin, tires, rubber and rubber products and chemical plant protection), Germany - 15,5% (plastics and articles thereof, synthetic resins, paints and varnishes, rubber and rubber products and tyres), Belarus - 6% (plastics and articles thereof, synthetic resin, tires, and chemical fibers and threads), France - 5% (chemical plant protection products, plastics and plastic products, synthetic resins, catalysts and household chemicals), USA - 5% (plastics and articles thereof, synthetic resins, catalysts, chemical fibers and threads, reagents) and South Korea - 5% (reagents automobile tires, rubber and rubber products and chemical fibers and threads).

The chemical industry employs about 628,4 thousands of people. In 2014, the average monthly wage grew by 9.8%.

Voronezh tire plant

Voronezh tire plant was founded in 1950 and is specialized in the production of tires for trucks and agricultural machinery. The company is part of the joint venture Pirelli and Rostec and is one of the most modern tire manufacturing facility in Russia. Now it work 1,12 thousands of people.

Rosneft and Pirelli will determine partner in the production of rubber on VNHQV 2011, it was decided to reconstruct one of the key departments of the plant and equip it with the latest equipment (project “Voronezh-2″). New high-tech production was launched in January 2013 and is designed to produce more than 2 million tires per year with the possibility of increasing output to 4.1 million after entering the additional capacity.

In 2014 the volume of production increased in comparison with the year 2013 by 74% (1.3 million tyres compared to 760 thousand). The planned production volume in 2015 1.9 million tires ( 46% by 2014). About 80% of tires produced at the enterprise, are sold in Russia, and the rest are supplied to the CIS countries and Scandinavia.

At the Voronezh plant operates a large logistics center with an area of 23 thousand square meters.

In 2014, the plant has been introduced technologies that meet the requirements of the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 certified system occupational safety and he>

The plant specialists are trained at the Pirelli factories abroad, learn English, attend training and educational activities at the production site. The plant cooperates with the Voronezh University of engineering and technology, taking on an internship in the state of its graduates, and foreign experts Pirelli read the lectures here.

The company actively participates in the life and development of the Voronezh region, supporting social and charitable projects. In 2013, the plant began to work on a social project “Intercampus” - lessons in playing soccer for children-orphans with the assistance of professional trainers. They have already built a soccer field on the territory of one of the Voronezh boarding schools. The project will last for five years, the program will bring together more than 400 children.

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