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Michael Jordan created a billion-dollar empire with Nike for his mother

The rivalry between Adidas and Nike has never stopped, for Michael Jordan, he has also stood between two difficult choices.

The deal between Nike and Michael Jordan in 1984 helped the legend earn a fortune of up to $ 1.4 billion, which is considered a huge contract to make Jordan become One of the largest and most valuable brands in the world.

But just a little bit more this giant deal could not come true. In episode 5 of the documentary The Last Dance, MJ revealed that he was very close to Adidas before changing his mind because of his mother’s words.

“Listen to him, don’t say anything! He’ll make me get on a plane to hear a phone call from Nike,” recalls Michael Jordan. The Nike call provided Jordan with a five-year contract worth $ 500,000 per year for five years. MJ’s father told him that “only a fool would refuse that deal!”

It was a huge amount at the time but not yet, Nike also launched the line of Air Jordan shoes specifically for MJ, this is something Adidas did not promise for this star, obviously the last choice is so simple for Michael Jordan.

Remember that before standing between the choice of stars born in 1963, which is tilting towards Adidas, MJ has long been a love for the German sports company and always wants to sign Adidas.

But contrary to Nike’s enthusiasm, Adidas proved to be the “upper door” in the deal with Michael Jordan, eventually, Nike with its goodwill won and MJ to create a calendar transaction.

For Michael Jordan, he not only succeeded on the stage but also became a billion-dollar businessman with products that were sought after by the world. For such success, MJ must definitely thank his mother for the fateful phone.

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