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The development of industrial robotics, we must create conditions and an interest in innovative technologies, and not the state order, the Minister of communications and mass media Nikolay Nikiforov.

“There must be order. The state should create conditions so that the demand and supply themselves found themselves on the market. Where the government will always be some distortions from the point of view of nationalization of these areas,” said Nikiforov Sunday in the framework of the Days of robotics in Sochi”, answering the journalists ‘ question about the development of civil robotics and participation of the public procurement.

The Minister explained that it is necessary to understand what is necessary for Russian enterprises to more profitable to order robots and use them in daily life, and how robotics can improve their competitiveness. You may also need tax breaks, subsidies, obsersecondary solutions.Livanov: in Russian schools will be teaching robotics

“Let’s look through the full range of measures which the state legislative level… can be done to ensure that the business has been interesting to use robots. And if it is interesting, will appear and kommercheskoe R & d sponsors of such events, “bounty hunters” of these guys. We run the whole flywheel. And come just from a state order wrong. Let us systematically to work, not just to spend taxpayers ‘ money to robots to buy,” said Nikiforov.

He also gave an example of successful work in this direction, which was conducted by the state Commission for radio frequencies, simplifying the procedure using the radio frequency spectrum for robotics control models. With this solution in the next year, schools will be more of such devices, they will be used in a small business.

Nikiforov said that the Ministry of communications and mass communications plans to develop robotics in Russia with the help of competitions at all levels and encourage the regions.

“We are interested in the development of robotics from the point of view of potential programming with access to the universities. I think we will encourage, maybe even on the level of the Ministry and the company to attract, it contests the developers of the systems, including artificial intelligence,” said Nikiforov.Robot-surgeon Da Vinci for the first time in Moscow held a heart surgery

The Minister explained that he had set the task to his colleagues and staff to gather complete information on status of robotics in the country today and to systematize it. And the same work will guide the Ministry of education and science.

“We will encourage the development competitions. The different competitions: regional, Federal, so these guys could get support and money. This should be good prizes, which will allow them to winnings or prizes to develop further,” said Nikiforov, adding that such events must be open for participants from other countries, many of which may be able to attract and to work in Russia in the future.

He added that to develop robotics and regions, organizing competitions.

“I think every Governor who believes that his region should develop innovative ways must organize the competition at the regional level, devoted to robotics for students may be separate for universities,” he said.

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