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Embassy of Mongolia in the Russian Federation was asked to transfer to Ulan-Bator, the monument to Marshal Georgy Zhukov Manezhnaya square in Moscow, said the head of the diplomatic mission Sugar >

Zhukov is the hero of the Mongolian people’s Republic and honorary citizen of Ulan Bator. In honor of the celebrated commander who received their first Star of Hero of the Soviet Union for the battle on the river Balkenhol in 1939, the Mongolian people founded the Museum of Zhukov in the capital, in front of which it is planned to erect the monument.At the Manege square will appear a second monument to Marshal Zhukov

“I wrote a letter about what bugs as people born in Kaluga, and as the military commander – in Mongolia. It would be nice if in Moscow discussed the possibility of moving the monument is not in Kaluga and in Ulan Bator,” he said, opening the photo exhibition dedicated to the relations of the Russian Federation and Mongolia, organized in conjunction with the CEC.

As explained >

The monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov was installed on may 8, 1995 at the Manege square in front of the Historical Museum in celebration of the 50 anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. A famous commander is depicted sitting on a horse.

In the Public chamber of the Russian Federation in the near future intend to discuss the possibility of replacing the monument to Zhukov at the Manege square. The President of the Foundation for the Officer brotherhood” Vladimir Mikhalkin previously stated that currently on Manezhnaya monument does not meet military rituals”. According to him, a new monument to Zhukov has already been created and can be installed by means of patrons.

Society to the memory of commander in the autumn of last year appealed to the Moscow city Duma with a proposal to move the old monument with Manezhnaya square of the capital to Zhukov Museum in Kaluga region.

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