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Mr. Putin: America is out of rule, China becomes a superpower

President Putin says countries like China and Germany are slowly becoming superpowers while the US is no longer gaining dominance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the era in which world affairs decided by Russia and the US is long gone. Other countries like China and Germany are slowly becoming superpowers, Putin added.

“In terms of economic potential and political influence, China is actively moving towards the status of a superpower. Germany is also going in the same direction, ” Putin said at the Valdai Discussion Club online meeting on October 22.

The Russian leader added that the role of Britain and France in international affairs has been significantly changed. Meanwhile, America - which had gained absolute dominance at some point, is now unlikely to declare exceptionalism.

Putin wondered if even the United States wanted this exceptionalism. He did not go into detail, but his speech focused on the need for cooperation rather than cross-country rivalry during the COVID-19 crisis.

While President Putin does not broaden his views on Russia’s relations with the countries he says are about to become superpowers, he strongly rejects the view of foreign “experts” that the world is looking forward. waiting for the “demise” of Russia.

Also at the meeting of Valdai Discussion Club, Mr. Putin said Russia is ready to strengthen its relations with China in all directions.

“Russia-China relations have reached an unprecedented level. We treat each other on the basis of great trust, we have established stable, stable relationships and it is important to operate effectively in all directions ”- Putin said.

Putin noted that he regularly conducts consultations with the Chinese leader. This is the one whom he calls a friend.

Mr.Putin also said that they always found opportunities to move forward.

According to Putin, last year, the trade between Russia and China exceeded $ 111 billion.

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