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Norberg: the decline of the Russian economy may damage the EU and the US

The slowdown of the Russian economy may damage the economy of the EU and the United States, said the Executive Director of the Russian-American Pacific partnership, the founder of the Council for relations between the US and Russia Derek Norberg.

Analysts say the market will react negatively to the downgrade of the Russian Federation”I don’t think that there is some anti-Russian conspiracy, but I am concerned about, and we should all be concerned about the further decline of the Russian economy and the effect that this can have on the economy of the EU, and in the future on the U.S. and global economy,” said RIA Novosti Norberg, commenting on the decline in Russia’s rating Agency Standard and Poor’s.

“I don’t think the downgrade of Russia’s S&P is politically motivated. The Russian government understands that the objective of economic factors and indicators in Russia has changed. It is not surprising that these changes will change and international rankings,” he said. The Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov said earlier that the downgrade of the Russian Federation demonstrates excessive pessimism S&P and does not take into account the number of strengths of the Russian economy.

Former Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany: the economy should become a mediator between Russia and Separarse up to 25% of the export market of the EU, he said Norberg. “Many economies in the EU are quite vulnerable. So I think that the EU and the US should explore how best to prevent the economic slowdown in Europe - not to help Russia, but because long or deepening crisis in the Russian economy would have a negative impact on the EU and as a consequence to the United States. This is a serious threat, and in the USA no one should be happy with the economic difficulties of Russia”, - the expert believes.

He also believes that the EU and the US should help Russia to resolve the crisis in Ukraine and to end sanctions against Russia. “All countries for their own benefit should worry more about helping all parties and Russia to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, to remove Western sanctions against Russia as a component of the economic crisis and to support the economic recovery of Russia,” said Norberg, saying that waiting and Russia steps in this direction.”

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