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Overview of the US presidential election launch

The Democratic Party did not determine a winner from the first primary election, while President Donald Trump far surpassed Republican rivals.

Iowa’s Democratic Party on Tuesday officially announced the result of the state’s primary election to select candidates to join the US presidential election on November 3, according to Reuters. Specifically, former Mayor of South Bend City (Indiana) Pete Buttigieg won the highest percentage of votes, 26.2%, then Senator Bernie Sanders (26.1%), Senator Elizabeth Warren (18%), former Vice President Joe Biden (15.8%) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (12.3%) ).

With this result, the Democratic Party, as well as the major US media, did not declare the winner. The official result is announced after being delayed. The Iowa Democratic Party explained that the delay was due to technical and organizational errors.

Reshaping the 2020 race?

Traditionally, the state of Iowa was the opening for the primary election to select the presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties that lasted for months in 50 states, Washington DC and other territories, so the primaries here serve as the “first challenge” step. Therefore, the results in Iowa published above could reshape the race to represent the Democratic Party and raise doubts about the future of Mr. Biden (78 years old), once considered a candidate for goods first, according to Reuters.

Historically, candidates who won the primary election in Iowa will gain an advantage in the next primary election in the state of New Hampshire, which took place on February 11 and the previous two polls also shows that Buttigieg (38) can beat Senator Sanders (79).

However, the controversy surrounding the results in Iowa, the New Hampshire primary election will increase the importance in the race to win the Democratic representative to run for President Trump on November 3. After New Hampshire, candidates will head to the primary elections in the state of Nevada on February 22, the state of South Carolina on February 29 and then March 3, also known as the “super stuff” when up to 14 states held primary elections.

Meanwhile, President Trump (74) won an overwhelming victory in the primary election in Iowa. According to The New York Times, the results showed that Mr. Trump won 31,464 votes (97.1%), far exceeding two Republican rivals, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld (426 votes, 1.3%). and former Congressman Joe Walsh (348 votes, 1.1%).

Days after President Trump’s victory in Iowa, the US Senate on February 5 declared that he was innocent of charges of abusing power and obstructing congress, closing his historic impeachment in the United States.

After being acquitted, President Trump posted on Twitter a 30-second video of his campaign. The video has a cover of Time magazine, with a portrait of President Trump and ends with the word “Trump 4EVA”, bearing the message that Mr. Trump will make the president of the United States forever.

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