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Revealing Ander Herrera’s incredible salary at PSG after leaving MU

Yesterday, Mirror revealed details of Ander Herrera’s contract with PSG, with a huge salary that he certainly did not dare to dream of, if he stayed in MU.

At the end of last season, Ander Herrera officially said goodbye to MU in a free transfer after 5 years of sticking. The reason is, he and the club leader did not reach agreement on the salary in the new contract,although it took 18 months to negotiate this issue.


Mourning gave Alexis Sanchez an outdoor salary of £500,000 per week, while he did not contribute much to the team’s overall performance,causing many pillars to heat up. Herrera, who receives £130,000 a week, is one of them. MU wanted to raise Herrera’s salary to 200,000 pounds a week in the new contract, but he did not agree.

While MU hesitated in keeping Herrera, PSG is very generous.This team will pay the Spanish midfielder 300 thousand pounds per week, which is 1.5 times the current salary of De Gea, 2.5 times the salary of Nemanja Matic, even higher than Paul Pogba (290 thousand pounds per week). Obviously it was hard to deny such an offer, especially when Herrera turned into a three-week-old, and could only play a few more years. He also found it difficult to receive such attractive treatment at another team.


Herrera pays PSG, transfers United, MU, Man United, PSG, Herrera, revealing wages Herrera, Herrera PSG, Alexis Sanchez,Ed Woodward. This fact has caused many opposite reactions from the network community. Some people claim that Herrera left for money so don’t pretend to love the club, some say the culprit is Alexis Sanchez, and some argue that the culprit of all matters is Executive Vice President Ed Woodward.

Herrera joined MU Summer 2014 from Bilbao for £28.85 million. In the 5 seasons of the Red Devils, he played 189 games, scoring 20 goals, and won a total of 4 titles.

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