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Ronaldo officially decided on Dybala’s future

Argentine star Paulo Dybala sent a message asking Ronaldo about his future. And CR7 gave the answer that caused Dybala to consider.

The three-handed story between Dybala - Juventus - MU still cannot come to an end for many reasons. Recently, the Argentine star has resorted to the method of sending WhatsApp messages to his teammate Ronaldo for advice, and CR7 has given the answer to make Dybala really considerate.

Specifically, the Portuguese superstar advised his team-mate at Juventus to move to MU. According to Ronaldo, MU is the right club for Dybala to sharpen his current skills and get an official position.


CR7 said that his success as today is due in part to his years of playing and training in Red Devils colors. When he first arrived at Old Trafford, Ronaldo showed a lot of immaturities, but after only six years, the Portuguese striker removed the potential star to rise to become one of the two best names of the world.

Also in Dybala’s advice message, Ronaldo shared about the opportunity to win the title at MU. According to the 34-year-old striker, he used to join Man Utd to win 3 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League and 1 golden ball. And Dybala can completely re-establish that achievement, in short, Ronaldo thinks Man Utd will be the best springboard for Dybala to rise to a new level.


Previously, Ronaldo had offered Matthijs De Ligt about Juventus and the deal came true. Many times the Portuguese star has suggestions for transfer to the club, even the Lukaku deal, Ronaldo also said that this player is disappointed at MU will find his destructive form if transferred to wearing Juve shirt. The owner of Juventus Arena is also looking for ways to drag the Belgian star.

Dybala is currently the decisive name for Lukaku’s own transfer. Just if MU gets Dybala’s nod, Lukaku will stand Juve in the opposite direction.

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