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Russian scientists have invented chips from fish, rich in calcium and iodine



Specialists of all-Russian scientific research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) has developed a recipe for making chips and pies from small pelagic fish of the order clupeiformes - Khamsa, the use of 100 grams which provides 25% of the daily requirement for calcium, iodine, zinc and phosphorus, according to the Institute.

“By eating 100 grams of chips or paste provided more than 25% of the daily needs of an adult in calcium, iodine, iron, zinc and phosphorus, developed food products characterized by a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 family,” - said in the message.

There is also added that the developed technology of crisps and pies from anchovy, which includes the use of whole intact fish are innovative and promising, but the food composition, nutritional and biological values is unique.”

Experts have received the chips, mixing widespread in the Azov-black sea basin minced fish with mashed potatoes and corn starch. The chips had a nice spicy flavor and aroma of fish”, - stated in the message.

“The peculiarity of the technology of obtaining pate was using in the recipe blanshirovannuyu anchovy, without separation of the head and bones, fine grinding meat with vegetable components and subsequent heat treatment of pate contributed to the softening of the bones and improve the taste of the finished product,” said the Institute.

Pate and chips from anchovy differ from traditional products less calorie and high biological value.

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