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Scientists have invented a mechanism to control the genes of the power of thought

The device test was conducted on laboratory mice. In the body of rodents were placed implants, which has received the signal sent to the brain waves of volunteers participated in the experiment. To record brain activity on the foreheads of the subjects were placed device electroencephalography (EEG). The participants of the experiment simulated a different mental state. Then the recorded brain waves were transmitted via Bluetooth to a magnetic field generator that controls the implants that activates genes in the bodies of mice.

It is noted that in the study, researchers used infrared light, as it is safe for living cells and can penetrate deeply into the tissue.

According to Passenger, the developed device can further help people suffering from epilepsy.

“The device that we have created, can help people who have lost touch with the outside world. The only way they can communicate with the world, this mental activity and brain activity. It sounds like science fiction, but, obviously, it is the interaction of different technologies”, – said the scientist.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a method of investigation of the functional state of the brain based on the brain activity through the intact epithelial tissue of the head. Previously, methods EEG was already applied to paralyzed people, and people with dentures various parts of the body.

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