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Snow Storm Dumped On Southeastern Of USA, 3 People Died

A strong storm dumped on Southeastern of the United States of America was causing damage in many states.

There are three people were killed in North Carolina and about 138,000 family suffer the situation to lose electricity as well as paralyzing traffic.

On December 10, the Government of the state of North Carolina has declared a status of emergency when the snow in some areas up to0,5 metres thick. Hundreds of thousands of family in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia have power cut from midday December 10 since the snow continuing to fall more thickness. Many schools have had to close in on December 10. More than 100 counties in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia had to postpone or cancel these classes due to the bad weather.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bão tuyết đổ vào Đông Nam nước Mỹ, 3 người thiệt mạng​

Thickest snowfall is in the city of Whitetop, Virginia, with a thickness of up to 60 centimetres measuring while in Greensboro, North Carolina is 41 centimetres and Durham, North Carolina is 36 centimetres.

The local official warned the slippery condition on the roads in Central and Western North Carolina as well as West Virginia when the temperature is forecast to drop to freezing levels. The rescue forces said that snowy and icy roads made rescue more slowly.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bão tuyết đổ vào Đông Nam nước Mỹ, 3 người thiệt mạng​

Due to the extreme weather condition, many schools in Southern states are closed, while thousands of flights are delayed. Road surface freezes slippery also led to many unfortunate traffic accidents.

The mayor of the city of Greensboro has issued emergency orders across the city during the day December 9. The mayor also announced that the police and rescue forces have supported more than 100 accidents and hundreds of people stuck in traffic. The city officials recommended people avoid leaving home if not needed.

The office of the Governor of North Carolina said there were 3 cases of death related to extreme weather in this state. In addition, about 138,000 households lost power in North Carolina State of the day December 10,South Carolina and Virginia. However, this number has dropped dramatically compared with the 220,000 former families.

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