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Team Spain: The farewell does not end

The breakup of Xabi, Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta or Iker Casillas is impossible to stop, but it has left too large gaps in the heart of the team that has been identified as the masters of the art of controlling the ball.

Isco Alarcon, Koke, Thiago Alcantara did not grow up over time to create continuity and inherit the standards at La Roja.

Two of the most expected ones are not called to gather in recent matches. If that is not a testament to Spain’s poor quality of technology, it could only be too fast a lag in their playing minds.

Dani Ceballos, Rodri or Fabian Ruiz are talented midfielders, and they can absolutely stand out their way. But the football called tiki-taka will never be repeated or seen in any aspect of the present. Because the control of the ball was so boring, sluggish and conspicuous by Spain that they were no longer able to minimize the risks on the field, which was demonstrated at EURO 2016, a year ago at Russia and the last two draws against Norway and Sweden.


Tiki-taka in the past was unique and permanently inaccessible when its brain, Xavi Hernandez, stopped his game after the humiliating Summer in Brazil. Even though Julen Lopetegui, then Luis Enrique tried to fix those defects, and his successor Robert Moreno constantly included young players to increase the speed of playing, as well as add flexibility in current play.

“A match with a lot of whistling in the stands”, Ladislao Monino commented on El Pais, after the match that Spain is the sixth team to win an official ticket to EURO 2020, because there, there are too little football, and if it goes to 736 times and is called tiki-taka, then Moreno coach probably too easy with the words of praise that have gone into this legend.


What happened in Oslo was foreseen, the only manifestation of football in terms of ball control will always make them suffer like that. The passes were too monotonous and lost speed, leading the pace of playing the ball and pushing the opponent to self-destruction no longer existed. A famous Spain of the past, has long ceased to exist, and it seems to be corrupting at the hands of Moreno.

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