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Techsnabexport increased export earnings of over $2.2 billion

The largest exporter of Russian goods and services from the initial stage of the nuclear fuel cycle JSC “Techsnabexport” (part of Rosatom) in 2014 increased revenue in the global market by 10% to $ 2.2 billion, the company said.

“According to preliminary estimates, the volume of exports of the company (in 2014) amounted to more than 2.1 billion, while revenue in the global market exceeded 2.2 billion, which is $ 200 million higher than the same index in 2013″, – stated in the message.

This year “Techsnabexport” has carried out about 50 supplies of uranium products to the customers from 12 countries, concluded 20 transactions for the supply of uranium products worth about us $ 800 million.

The total portfolio of long-term orders “Techsnabexport” in comparable prices is estimated at nearly us $ 23 billion, the report says.

“JSC “Techsnabexport” has successfully fulfilled the state Corporation “Rosatom” task and demonstrated a positive dynamics of business development in a difficult political and economic situation,” the statement said.

“Techsnabexport” (Tenex brand) provides about one-third of the needs of foreign reactors design services uranium enrichment. Customer supplied “Techsnabexport” products are more than 30 companies from 16 countries. 100% of shares of “Techsnabexport” belongs to JSC Atomenergoprom, consolidating civil assets of the Russian nuclear industry.

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