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The official Euro on Thursday fell 73 cents, up 69,11 ruble


Currency exchange rate

The official Euro to ruble exchange rate established by the RF Central Bank on Thursday, fell on 73,49 penny to 69,1138 rubles, the dollar - 49,01 penny, making 61,8745 ruble, follows from the data of the Bank of Russia.

The value of the currency basket (0.55 dollars and 0.45 euros, calculated at the official exchange rates on Thursday, fell compared with the year on Wednesday at 60 cents, making 65,13 ruble.

What is the bi-currency basket

This is a conventional indicator, the landmark Bank of Russia used to carry out the policies of the exchange rate. The bi-currency basket determines the value of the ruble against the two currencies - the US dollar and the Euro, taken in certain proportions. The bi-currency basket was introduced on 1 February 2005, up to this point ruble focused exclusively on the U.S. dollar. The initial value was defined: 0.1 to Euro 0.9 - dollars. Subsequently, the number of Euro in the basket gradually increased, and dollars - is reduced. As a result, 8 February 2023 the indicator took a value of 0.45 euros and 0.55 dollar. Read more in help RIA Novosti >>

How is the ruble

The Russian ruble is the official currency, which is designed to make payments in the Russian Federation. The Central Bank of Russia sets the exchange rate of the ruble against other currencies. Official rates of foreign currencies against the ruble set daily (working days) by order of the Bank of Russia effective on the next calendar day after the date of establishment and act before the entry into force of the next order of the Bank of Russia on foreign exchange rates.

Lists of foreign currencies, the official rates against the ruble established by the Bank of Russia, published in “Vestnik of the Bank of Russia and the Bank of Russia on the Internet. Read more about what sets the ruble and on what it depends, read the help section RIA Novosti >>

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