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The President of France gives the reason for contracting Covid-19

President Emmanuel Macron admitted he was “negligent” and “unlucky” and so infected with CoV, calling on people to raise the epidemic.

“I’m fine,” Macron said in a short video shot at the presidential villa in the city of Versailles, France on December 18, saying he was quarantined from symptoms including headache, fatigue, and dry throat. “Normally, there is no reason for my illness to deteriorate.”

The 42-year-old president said his infection with nCoV “shows that the virus can really attack anyone”, because he is inherently cautious and well protected.

“Despite that, I was still infected with the virus, no doubt it could be a moment of negligence, a moment of unfortunate moment,” he said.

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic, who attended the EU summit with Macron last week, tested positive for nCoV on the same day. Some leaders at this event were negative, others have not tested and reported the results.

Critics in France view the President’s behavior before being infected as a bad example, as cases are increasing and doctors warn every family to be vigilant about the upcoming Christmas.

Although he regularly wears a mask and adheres to the gap, Mr. Macron has often been found in recent days violating French epidemic prevention regulations. He shook hands and embraced Angel Gurria, director of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development at the meeting on 14/12. Both wore masks, but Macron’s office admitted that the act of close contact was flawed.

Last week, he attended a tense two-day discussion at the EU summit in Brussels with leaders of 26 other member countries. The video shows them sitting in a circle in a large conference room, with Macron and most of the leaders wearing no masks.

He also hosts or attends many large parties, including party members and opposition politicians, despite recommendations to avoid gathering more than six people.

France on December 17 recorded more than 18,200 new infections, bringing the total number to more than 2.4 million, of which nearly 60,000 people died. Research by the French Pasteur Institute shows that family meals at home and in public are the main source of COV infection.

France was the site to record the first cases of nCoV infection in Europe in January. The Macron government has been criticized for not providing enough masks, not conducting tests or quickly quarantining. A blockade two months later helped the country reduce cases, children go back to school, parents go back to work.

However, cases increased again this fall and Macron issued a new milder blockade in October aimed at relieving pressure on hospitals. The measures are eased this week, although restaurants, tourist attractions, gyms are still closed.

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