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Why is the Laver Cup so attractive?

This weekend, the world tennis village will be exciting with the Laver Cup tournament. Why is a collective tournament like Laver Cup attractive, even though it’s only been held for the third time?

The Real Madrid club is said to want to host a match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer at the Bernabeu to set a new record for tennis.

There is a frequently asked question: Why doesn’t tennis have a Ryder Cup-style tournament in golf? The Ryder Cup is proud to be a tournament worth watching every two years. Meanwhile, tennis still focuses on individual competitions, instead of finding a collective nature that brings together the top players.


Mysterious things from the Laver Cup

2 years ago, that problem of tennis had a solution. That is the Laver Cup, the tournament is about to enter the third edition in Geneva, Switzerland this weekend. In the first two editions, Laver Cup sold out every match that took place whether in Prague in 2017 or Chicago last year. The tournament also creates a positive effect on social networking sites.

What is special about this tournament that many people do not know? Despite being called Rod Laver, this is a tournament initiated by Roger Federer. Will Federer’s opponents like Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic play, or will John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg agree to be coaches, as well as players agreeing to act as supporters for their colleagues? Probably not.


The reason the Laver Cup was successful in the previous two seasons is clear, but the tournament itself still has mysteries that are hard to explain. Why are players so focused on a friendly tournament like Laver Cup? The Laver Cup is currently a tournament in the ATP system, but players who do not participate in the tournament will not be counted on the standings. So, what makes tennis watchers excited about the opportunity of their favorite tennis players to get together?

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