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Why Sean Longstaff became MU’s buying target?

Sean Longstaff, a completely anonymous name but is MU’s shopping target for the new season. What is the special 21-year-old player that makes the Reds crave?

Sean Longstaff was born in Newcastle in a family with a tradition of sports but when he was young, he played ice hockey and is a ranked Cricket player, not a talented young football player.

But when he was 7 years old, SeanLong staff joined his hometown team and has since grown up over time after years of training in the young teams of Newcastle. In 2017, he was loaned to Newcastle by Kilmarnock in the 2017-18 season. He played for Blackpool again in England’s second division. Here he scored 9 goals, including 4 in the first 4 games for Blackpool in the 2nd division.


By 11/2018 he had renewed his 4-year contract with Newcastle before his first Premier League match against Liverpool. From January to March 2019, Sean Longstaff kicked in 11 consecutive matches for Newcastle in the tournament but his knee injury was followed later in the game against West Ham, making his season soon closed.

With his play style, SeanLong staff is compared to Michael Carrick, who is on MU coaching staff and most likely Sean Longstaff will become Carrick’s student here. Judging by this youngster, Rafa Benitez commented: “Carrick at this age was a midfielder while Sean Longstaff was more energetic and energetic. He can pack a good pitch”.


Although playing as a good attacking midfielder to score in Newcastle’s youth team, when Sean Longstaff was promoted to the first team, Benitez used the central midfield pair with Isaac Hayden. He was impressed by the ability to defend well, remotely intercept and read the situation quite quickly.

Although right footer but SeanLong staff can also use his left leg quite mature. You can launch powerful shots and don’t hesitate to finish from a distance. According to OPTA statistics, the average of each match in the Premier League season 2018-19, Sean Long staff moved about 12,12 km, more than any other central midfield of Newcastle and more than all Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic, Ander Herrera, Scott McTominay, Fred and Andreas Pereira in MU.His accurate passing rate reached 80,89%, only slightly lower than the MU’s midfielders.


His successful ball-rolling rate was 76.47%, just below McTominay on the MU side. With his qualities, with his youth and development potential as well as low transfer fees, Sean Longstaff promises to match MU once he joins this team.

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