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World Olympiad robotics in Sochi will be devoted to space


The main theme at the world Olympiad robotics in Sochi will be “Space”and the task will become more complex - for example, now robots will be able to remove space debris and to vertically raise the missile, said a leading expert in robotics University Innopolis, which is the national operator WRO Russia 2014, Alexander Kolotov at a press conference.

The innovation forum “Days of robotics in Sochi will be held from 21 to 23 November in the Olympic Park in Sochi. The forum will be an interactive exhibition, outdoor ring, the robot festival “Robofest-South”and will be the first Russian final world Olympic games in robotics WRO Russia 2014. This event will bring together approximately 2 thousand participants from more than 50 countries.

“Every Olympics is set some common global theme… during the work it was found that the most promising theme that will provide the most interesting, challenging the highlight of the job, is space,” said Kolotov.

According to him, this year the Olympiad jobs will be new, more complex elements. “The job is quite complicated… We came up with new elements in jobs, for example, in the task “Rocket” before the guys just created a robot of their own, and now they can create another design, which we called “Launcher”, which is installed separately on the playing field, and she should get a rocket vertically. This is a very difficult item, but it can distract the audience with their spectacular”.

He added that “complications” will appear in each age category, for example, in the middle age group new element of the job is called “orbital Factory”, where the participant has to find the factory and invest, in fact, in the moving object space debris and spent satellites.

“There is another category is student job category called “Mars colony”. There future engineers proposed to solve the problem of logistics of delivery of goods, materials three types between research stations,” he added Kolotov.

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