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Zlobin: Valdai Putins speech showed the mood for compromise

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who on Friday made a speech before the participants of the discussion club “Valdai”, is configured to serious compromise with Western partners, says the President of the American Center for global interests Nikolai Zlobin.

“Overall I was expecting much less peaceful relations, evaluations and to America, and to the situation. I think Putin is configured to serious compromise. His answers in Ukraine were very compromise,” said Zlobin reporters after the meeting.

“Valdai” speech Putin’s criticism of the West as a way to dialogue words Zlobina, the West will positively perceive the words of Putin that Russia will not be a totalitarian country. “The main thesis was that Russia will never become a totalitarian country. This is the main message that the world wanted to hear, because it excites all the public opinion of the world,” said American scientist.

He noted that, despite the fact that it will cause in US a negative response, Washington will try to find positive aspects for yourself. “It seems to me that Washington, offered to create agricultural consumers this speech, will try it, probably still see some positive things. Positive - in the absence of very sharp estimates”, - the expert believes.

Among the things for which, in his opinion, will criticize Putin, Zlobin called lack of speech criticism of Russia’s actions.

“When something is wrong, we should try to understand what your fault was also. Russia has its own share of responsibility for the deterioration of the international situation. And not only with Ukraine it is due, and prior to that was. There were a lot of aspects, where Russia could behave more wisely. This was not in the speech,” he said.

Key statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the meeting of the Valdai club - online-broadcast RIA Novosti >>

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