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Zyuganov has proposed to form in the Russian Federation the government of the peoples trust

Gennady Zyuganov. Archive photo

The CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov in favour of government of the people’s trust in Russia and believes that the leaders of major political parties together with the President to discuss the work of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“I’m for a government of national trust. We need to sit down with the President, the leaders of the major parties and to consider this problem in the Bud,” said Zyuganov told reporters.

According to him, the number of Russian Ministers works brilliantly, in particular the Ministers of foreign Affairs, Ministry of interior, Ministry of defense, and others.

“But in General, if you look at what they’re doing with the budget, revenue, expenditure, financial-economic, agricultural and social unit, there is a complete failure. Therefore, we need to sit down and determine what and how <…> We came to 2015 weakened, our ruble sank for the last time in half, many have lost their savings…,” said Zyuganov.

Expectations from Putin’s message: strengthening course or liberal razvorot the opinion of the leader of the Communist party, the most important contradiction today is the contradiction between the state and the political line pursued by the President, with emphasis on the strengthening of sovereignty, and the financial, economic and social course, which implements the government.

“If you’re not attracted to people, which in his time were attracted by Stalin for the modernization and industrialization, our security.., you cannot solve a single problem. Unfortunately, in the government of the caliber of people today is not on one of the posts that define a country’s level of development <…> In my opinion, this is the main question that will be in the new year,” said Zyuganov.

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